There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful statements in the whole Bible! The simple fact that, when we are in Christ Jesus, God does not see our sin but rather Christ’s righteousness. This is overwhelming! It is like pouring chocolate milk into a styrofoam cup. When you hold the cup up and look at it all you see is the cup. Someday we will all be before God and only those who are found in Christ Jesus will have eternal life. Not because of anything they’ve done but because of what Christ did for us all. Paul goes on and States that, because we are found in Christ Jesus and are righteous before God in Christ’s righteousness we therefore are to fulfill the righteous requirement of the law just as Christ did. The Salvation that we have is not just a ticket to heaven. It is also the freedom to live lives that are honoring and glorifying to our Lord Jesus Christ. Please, brothers and sisters think upon the things of the Spirit utterly rejecting the things of the flesh. Do not continue to jump in the dirty mud puddle when there’s a beautiful ocean to swim in. Do not continue in the thoughts and actions which Christ died to redeem you from.



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This newest post is from Pastor Dave Marriott. He shares his heart beat of adopting a little one.

One of our greatest desires in the midst of this adoption journey is that God would allow it to be a “first-fruits,” to borrow a biblical term. As we interact with the lost (i.e. spiritual orphans) in these circumstances, we desire to see people adopted into the family of God through Jesus Christ. Also, we are praying that God would use us to influence other Christians to be involved in orphan care.

Emiley has always been interested in adoption –– ever since childhood when she was exposed to the ministry of African missionaries, who cared for orphans as a part of their ministry. When we were first married, while Emiley was interested in pursuing adoption, I still viewed adoption as simply “good thing to do,” but not really something for us. At that time, to me, adoption was exclusively a “Plan B,” for those couples who could not have naturally-born children. This winter, however, as I was studying Scripture in preparation for the Christmas season, my heart was gripped by Galatians 4:4-5, which teaches that our spiritual adoption was God’s Plan A, which He accomplished at incredible cost through Christ at the climax of human history. That day the Lord began to work in my life, giving me a desire to adopt a child –– a physical act that mirrors a spiritual reality in a breathtaking way. When I shared what God was doing in my heart with Emiley, it took her about 5 seconds to agree!

We are sensitive to maintaining a proper view of the mission of the church, i.e. making disciples through the proclamation of the gospel. However, we want to be just as sensitive to being disciples who are obeying Christ in all things, including the Scriptural admonition to care for the fatherless. Quite simply, we want our hearts to beat to the rhythm of God’s, as He is the “Father of the fatherless.” We do not want to ignore the parts of the Bible that we find uncomfortable. At the same time, we do not want to give the impression to other Christians that international adoption, or even domestic adoption, is the “calling” of every Christian. However, can we honestly read James 1:27, which states, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world” and conclude that God would have us do nothing about the 147 million fatherless in the world today?

Pray for us. We want to finish this process in a God-glorifying, church-strengthening, gospel-centered way. We do not want people to look at us and think, “What great people for adopting.” Not only am I convinced that our child will be a bigger blessing to us than we understand right now, I am also convinced that in and of ourselves, we are nothing. We also do not want people to simply see our adoption as merely a humanitarian act; we desire them to see an explicitly Christian act. This will only be evident if we continue to boldly open our mouths and speak of our spiritual adoption in Christ, which is the driving force behind what we are doing. Please pray for our perseverance and patience, for boldness in our witness, and for God’s provision for the remaining finances. God has provided in big ways. The total cost is about $30,000 and God has provided roughly 50-60% of our need.

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we are to practice righteousness because we are positionally righteous in Him who alone perfectly practiced righteousness

1 John 3:7

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My fellow siblings in Christ. Do we truly believe Ephesians chapter 2 as God’s Word? And if we do believe it, do we actually act it out? It begins by telling us about where we once were… Lost in sin, dead in trespesses. Then one of the greatest two words vs. 4 “but God”. Paul breaks in and gives a beautiful description of our salvation – that through GOD’S mercy and grace we are saved. Is this salvation a simple ticket to heaven? Not in any way does the Bible describe it as such! Verses 1-3 tell us where we once were. Verses 4-8 tells us what God does for us though Christ. Verse 9 tells us what we now are! His workmanship! Created unto good works! James 1 tells us what pure and undefiled religion is… Orphans and widows being taken care of. Phil 2 tells us who our actions and minds ought to reflect…. Christ in his humility. My dear siblings in Christianity- evaluate your past hour, day, week, month, or even year? Would your Life, if watched, preach these truths of Eph 2? Just as a house which is being built progresses, so also our lives should be progressing into likeness of Christ and good works more and more. Does your life show submission to God’s work in your life?

Great little section from Understanding Christian Theology – “Fellow believer, as you begin each day, remember you are not a victim of Satan. You are a victor in God’s army. Live by faith in the One who redeemed you, not in fear of the devil. Live as one who has been delivered, not as one trying to get deliverance. Get on the defensive and off the offensive posture. Keep on the armor of God and do not worry about the size or power of the devil’s army. Finally, stay in fellowship with God.”

My one comment – Not completely sure by what the author means by “Get on the defensive and off the offensive posture” but I believe the Bible teaches that we should be aggressively attacking temptation and pushing out all opportunity to sin and therefore on the offensive by God’s grace.

A Thought On Gossip…

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Men, as leaders, we need to take the initiative and start fighting gossip and bitterness in the church today. There are so many different forms – some blunt, some in “prayer request” form, and some through jokes or little remarks or sarcasm. If you take a look at Eph 4 you will realize that Paul tells the church in Ephesus that they are to push away any type of gossip, anger, bitterness etc. and after they get rid of those things they are to be forgiving, and tenderhearted, kind, and loving sacrificially as Christ did.  A huge motivation that Paul gives to do obey these is the fact that all believers are a part of the body of Christ and when these evil things are done they are actually done to a part of the same body that you both make up together! When you gossip you are actually gossipping against the body of Christ! It is like self injury! May we never have a part of this… hopefully we would not be willing to cut ourselves or take part in any of the other forms of self injury. I also hope that we will not be willing to hurt the body of which we are a part as beleivers – the body of CHRIST! Our loving Savior.